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Timber Frame House

Timber Frame House

Work on this monumental country house was both a complex and highly rewarding project.

The master bedroom and bathroom in the background of the picture above are part of a larger project that included this main bedroom, three bathrooms and the kitchen.

We matched the colour scheme of our plasters exactly with the one conceived by Thomas Pijnenborgh from Groenebouwmaterialen for the entire house, designing a whole range of plasters and paints that could suit the wet areas or unify the surfaces where combinations of restored and conserved plaster coexist.

The timber frame wall that separates the main bathroom from the master bedroom was the former facade wall previous to the extention of the house and still shows the old window frame.

To emphasise the original function of these old hand carved beams, we designed a sgraffito depicting a flowering pear tree, matching the colour scheme of the house and reminding of the view that once was visible there.


View the other rooms of the project: main bathroom, red bathroom, guest bathroom, kitchen.

Project type: Residential Restoration Sgraffito
Location: Cottessen, zuid-Limburg, The Netherlands
Size: 200 m2

Residential - Timber Frame House, Sgraffito and bathroom
Sgraffito and bathroom - Detail of the former window frame with the sgraffito of the flowering pear tree and the bathroom in the back.
Residential - Timber Frame House, Lime paint
Lime paint - The plaster of the old fireplace with its wooden doors was painted with lime paint in a customized colour matching the clay plaster around it.
Residential - Timber Frame House, Lime paint
Lime paint - Detail of the embedded carved stones of the fireplace.

Custom made plasters

Artisan Stucco hydrated lime plasters are designed to be customized to exactly fit the technical and visual needs of your project.

The highly adaptable layer system of the plaster makes it possible to combine various technical mortars to fit a wide range of old and modern construction systems and situations.

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