Residential Designing atmosphere

Luxury villa

Luxury villa

This elegant living room is part of a large project in a luxurious villa at the shore of the Maas river, that included this living room, an office, the kitchen and two large bathrooms.

In the living room and kitchen a combination of differently coloured clay plasters where applied, giving dynamic and depth to the bright space. The black fireplace adds a sculptural dimension to the volumes and space.

Project type: Residential
Location: Batenburg, The Netherlands
Size: 300 m2

Residential - Luxury villa, Living room
Living room - Colour combination clay plaster
Residential - Luxury villa, Clay plaster
Clay plaster - Detail of the RHM heater.
Residential - Luxury villa, Pearl grey clay plaster
Pearl grey clay plaster - Detail of the plaster with a flower.
Residential - Luxury villa, Colour combination clay plaster
Colour combination clay plaster - Detail of the plaster.

Designing atmosphere

Artisan Stucco lime plasters are hand crafted from the best materials nature has to offer, achieving highly sophisticated finishes with bright natural colours and a wide variety of textures.

Our plasters are always designed in close cooperation with our clients to perfectly match the unique individual needs of your project.

Originally designed for the decoration of palaces and temples, your walls will radiate an unmatched atmosphere of craftsmanship, quality, luxury and tranquillity.

Luxury bathroom

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