Waterproof Designing atmosphere

Luxury bathroom

Luxury bathroom

In this luxurious, spacy and luminous bathroom and seperate toilet a mix of rough textured lime stucco and waterproof plasters in Baroque White were elegantly combined.

The waterproof plasters are done with an Artisan Stucco Mortars four layer system applied by Raquel. The rough plaster is applied by Erik Jonkers from Wandstyling.


Project type: Residential Waterproof
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Size: 32 m2

Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Waterproof baroque white stucco
Waterproof baroque white stucco - The waterproof plaster in this bathroom is only applied in the wet areas. A detail of the sink with the tap reflecting in the surface of the waterproof plaster with the shower area in the background of the picture.
Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Shower
Shower - Detail of the shower with a niche in the side wall.
Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Toilet
Toilet - The seperate toilet and washbasin in the same style as the bathroom.
Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Washbasing
Washbasing - Washbasing and mirror
Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Toilet wall
Toilet wall - The niche in waterproof stucco of the toilet, similar to the in the shower.

Designing atmosphere

Artisan Stucco lime plasters are hand crafted from the best materials nature has to offer, achieving highly sophisticated finishes with bright natural colours and a wide variety of textures.

Our plasters are always designed in close cooperation with our clients to perfectly match the unique individual needs of your project.

Originally designed for the decoration of palaces and temples, your walls will radiate an unmatched atmosphere of craftsmanship, quality, luxury and tranquillity.

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