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Art Collaboration

Art Collaboration

This beautiful collaboration work, with the sculptor artist Alice Bakker, is one of my most inspiring works with Artisan Stucco Mortars.

When I saw these papercut sculptures in Alice W. Bakker window, I felt the urge to contact her and offer her to make a Sgraffito with her design. A couple of years later, she kept finances together to accomplish it.


In this 1920´s Den Haag house porch, the original Art Nouveau tiles had been removed by the previous owner. As an artist, Alice grieved the loos of those beautiful hand crafted tiles and it was hard to decide what cladding will honor the artistry and craftmanship of the original. My suggestion to translate her sculptural design to the porch, made sense for her.

As a result, this beautiful sgraffito wall inside this historical city centre porch.

Project type: Commercial Restoration Sgraffito
Location: Den Haag, The Netherlands
Size: 2 m2

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Visual Centrepieces

A sgraffito mural will provide a unique eyecatcher in your place of business or home. See our projects page for a selection of these impressive wall murals or contact us for more information.

Facade on centre square

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