Restoration Monuments & historical plasters

Facade on centre square

Facade on centre square

This small apartment block on a major square of the historical centre of Granada is a lovely highlight of the architecture around the square.

Some of the original plaster could be conserved and a fine finish with a customized colour was added to the entire surface to homoginize the final look of the facade.

Some of the stone imitation blocks at the sides of the facade had to be completely reconstructed. A layer of lime was finally added to equal the colour.

Project type: Residential Commercial Restoration
Location: Granada, Spain
Size: 70 m2

Restoration - Facade on centre square, Fresco plaster
Fresco plaster - View of the apartment block with the small bazar shop in the ground floor

Monuments & historical plasters

Artisan Stucco has extensive knowledge and experience restoring original plasters in historical monuments.

We are experienced with large scale restoration projects and have successfully completed large interventions in famous human heritage buildings.

We only use materials of the highest quality that are perfectly compatible and respectful to the original materials used in the historical building in terms of adherence, breathability and elasticity.

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