Sgraffito Drawings made of stone

Doloris Meta Maze

Doloris Meta Maze

This Sgraffito wall is a small part of the Doloris Meta Maze in Tilburg, the largest walkthrough art installation in Europe by the Berlin art collective Karmanoia.

In this original design from Heidi Jonsson Raquel could enjoy to experiment with strong contrasted transparencies by enhancing colours with fresco plaster techniques in the final and intermediate layers. Some grinded copper was added between the layers, causing oxidation effects in constant change.



Project type: Commercial Sgraffito
Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands
Size: 8 m2

Sgraffito Stucco - Doloris Meta Maze, Design in progress
Design in progress - Detail of the original sketch
Sgraffito Stucco - Doloris Meta Maze, Working on the dotted line
Working on the dotted line - The real size template
Sgraffito Stucco - Doloris Meta Maze, Sgraffito working in progress
Sgraffito working in progress - The dotted lines of the template transfer
Sgraffito Stucco - Doloris Meta Maze, Coloured flame and transparencies
Coloured flame and transparencies - Extra pigments added in the fresco technique, in the finish and intermediate layers, dashes of golden mica pigment and ground copper powder that undergoes a slow oxidation, brings a special vibrant quality to this highly transparent and colourful plaster.
Sgraffito Stucco - Doloris Meta Maze, Nautilus shaped design
Nautilus shaped design - Work in progress

Drawings made of stone

Over the past decades Raquel RodrĂ­gues has specialized in the Renaissance technique of sgraffito, wall murals made out of lime plaster.

By overlaying multiple layers of multicoloured plaster and precisely carving while the mortar is still soft so as to reveal parts of the underlying layer, an image is formed. Once the plaster has dried, the result is a durable drawing made of lime stone.

These large scale wall decorations will catch the eye in any surrounding and can be made to your specifications or created by the artist.

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