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Archeological Museum

Archeological Museum

This 16th century building, originally the city grain exchange and central grain storage and later an inn, was turned into the municipal archaeological museum after it was extended and  restored in 2011. 

For the restoration we had to remove all the plaster that covered the brick around the windowsills and replace missing or damaged stones with those that we could find in a local factory still using the same production methods.

The tone of the brick of the newly constructed annex was adjusted with a semi transparent dry brush lime wash to fit with the original brick of the main building.

The brick was rejointed and the base plaster redone with a hydraulic lime mortar using local sands, mixed on site. The base plaster was then covered with a two layer lime putty fresco plaster.

Many parts of the foundation stones in the facade as well as missing parts of pillars in the interior patio where also restored using a lime putty mix and mineral pigments.


Project type: Commercial Restoration
Location: Baza, Granada, Spain
Size: 200 m2

Commercial - Archeological Museum, Front facade
Front facade - The two layer fresco stucco, brick and brick joints restoration of the 16th century front facade of the museum.
Commercial - Archeological Museum, Uncovered brick and base plaster
Uncovered brick and base plaster - State of the original brick and base plaster after removing all the additions of plaster that covered them previous to the current intervention.
Commercial - Archeological Museum, Brick and plaster detail
Brick and plaster detail - Two layer fresco stucco, brick and brick joints restoration.
Commercial - Archeological Museum, Base plaster and stone
Base plaster and stone - before intervention.
Commercial - Archeological Museum, Fresco stucco and stone
Fresco stucco and stone - Base and finish plaster and granite stone after reconstruction.
Commercial - Archeological Museum, Granite column base
Granite column base - Reconstruction of broken upper left corner of a granite column in the patio.
Commercial - Archeological Museum, Marble stone column
Marble stone column - Reconstruction of the base of a marble column in the patio.
Commercial - Archeological Museum, Marble stone column
Marble stone column - Reconstruction of the broken corner of the base of the column in the patio.

Monuments & historical plasters

Artisan Stucco has extensive knowledge and experience restoring original plasters in historical monuments.

We are experienced with large scale restoration projects and have successfully completed large interventions in famous human heritage buildings.

We only use materials of the highest quality that are perfectly compatible and respectful to the original materials used in the historical building in terms of adherence, breathability and elasticity.

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