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Aljibe del Rey

Aljibe del Rey

This 17th century Carmen or town house is built on top of the city's largest historical Arab cistern, a reminder of the importance of the system for channelling water in the Arab period.

Built during the 11 century Zirid era, the Aljibe del Rey or Cistern of the King is the largest Moorish cistern in Granada, with a capacity of 300 cubic metres.

Raquel was responsible for the coloured floated plaster and the brick joint restoration of the facade.

Project type: Restoration All
Location: Alabayzín, Granada, Spain
Size: 500 m2

Restoration - Aljibe del Rey, Carmen del Aljibe del Rey
Carmen del Aljibe del Rey - A Sienna coloured floated stucco and brick joint restoration. View of the Carmen from the square.

Monuments & historical plasters

Artisan Stucco has extensive knowledge and experience restoring original plasters in historical monuments.

We are experienced with large scale restoration projects and have successfully completed large interventions in famous human heritage buildings.

We only use materials of the highest quality that are perfectly compatible and respectful to the original materials used in the historical building in terms of adherence, breathability and elasticity.

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