Ceramics by Raquel

Ceramics by Raquel

Making ceramics since 2001, Raquel Rodíguez has developed two product lines with the aim of turning conventional objects into pieces of art that become a routine of your daily life.

A line of traditional architectural elements such as wall mural tiles and lattices, and a line of everyday objects like lamps and bottles with an sculptural approach and porcelain potter wheel bowls, inspired by the traditional islamic architecture of southern Spain and with a strong Japanese influence.

This ceramic, made of stoneware and porcelain with self formulated glazes, will be the perfect match for  your wall. The architectural elements can be part of your sgraffito mural, providing contrast texture, volume and movement. The pieces of household goods, are the perfect ornament to contrast and complement the texture and luminosity of your wall.

Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Bowls with molten glass
Bowls with molten glass - Bowls modeled by hand, filled with molten glass and tinted with copper oxide.
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Lattice with leafs
Lattice with leafs - Inspired in South Spanish Islamic architectural latticework, this piece is designed to be part of a partition wall to give both privacy and communication to an specific area of your house. 75x30x15cm
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Ceramic Lattice
Ceramic Lattice - Displayed in a collective art exhibition.
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Tiles painting
Tiles painting - Hand made ceramic tiles, decorated with self formulated glaze in Cuerda seca (dry cord) technique of tribal inspiration, mounted on a wrought iron plate.
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Light column
Light column - This 1.72m stoneware lamp, is ideal to decorate large halls or living rooms
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Detail of the letter-like incision decoration
Detail of the letter-like incision decoration - Invented language of imaginary letters that light up.
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Bottles and bowls set
Bottles and bowls set - Bottles on stoneware, build with slab technique and glazed in the interior and neck. Pinching bowls with molten glass and copper oxide.
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Lamp
Lamp - Sculptural ambient lamp with motives inspired by Australian Aboriginal art.
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Tiles mural
Tiles mural - Mural made of hand made tiles, decorated with Cuerda seca (dry cord) technique with self formulated glazes and inspired in Spanish Islamic and Aboriginal Australian art.
Ceramics - Ceramics by Raquel, Tiles raw clay mural
Tiles raw clay mural - Mural of hand made irregular tiles. Decorated with incising technique filled with self formulated glaze, inspired in Aboriginal Australian art.

About Raquel

Raquel Rodríguez Puebla is an experienced plasterer, specialized in decorative plasterworks, using lime putty mortars and traditional techniques on any building system.

Raquel trained at the School of Applied arts and Artistic professions and the School for Restoration and Conservation of Monumental Buildings in Granada, Spain.

She has been working as a specialist plasterer since 2002, restoring historical buildings and applying her knowledge of traditional plasters and decoration in contemporary architectural and interior decoration projects in Spain and The Netherlands.

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