Waterproof Designing atmosphere

Luxury bathroom

Luxury bathroom

This beautiful bathroom, plastered with a combination of a four layer system waterproof lime plaster in Light Ochre and a darker clay plaster is part of a large project in a luxurious timber frame country house.

The combination of noble materials, textures and flames in this irregular and organic 17th century construction make up a gentle and cozy space.

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Project type: Residential Waterproof
Location: Cottessen, Zuid-Limburg, The Netherlands
Size: 30 m2

Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Soft light
Soft light - The soft light that comes through the small windows give a dreamy atmosphere to the gentle colour combination of the bathroom that increased as it touches the lime plaster walls.
Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Playing light
Playing light - Softness and brightness is an endless game that light plays with the wall as the sun changes position.
Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Light, shades and timber frame
Light, shades and timber frame - The light playing with the light ochre waterproof stucco, clay plaster and woodwork.
Waterproof Stucco - Luxury bathroom, Light, colour and design
Light, colour and design - Light ochre waterproof stucco combined with clay plaster.

Designing atmosphere

Artisan Stucco lime plasters are hand crafted from the best materials nature has to offer, achieving highly sophisticated finishes with bright natural colours and a wide variety of textures.

Our plasters are always designed in close cooperation with our clients to perfectly match the unique individual needs of your project.

Originally designed for the decoration of palaces and temples, your walls will radiate an unmatched atmosphere of craftsmanship, quality, luxury and tranquillity.

Luminous luxury Bathroom

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