Waterproof Designing atmosphere

Pearl Grey Bathroom

Pearl Grey Bathroom

This bathroom combines both a waterproof grey and floated white plaster, giving light and dynamic to a room without natural light in a cellar.

Spacious and designed for comfort, the contrast of the stone floor, the smooth grey walls and the textured bright white are a perfect match.

Project type: Commercial Waterproof
Location: Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands
Size: 30 m2

Waterproof Stucco - Pearl Grey Bathroom, Waterproof
Waterproof - The waterproof plaster will remain strong and beautiful for many years to come, needing very little maintenance.
Waterproof Stucco - Pearl Grey Bathroom, Caring for details
Caring for details - In the reflection on the wall the perfect flatness of the plaster can be perceived. This is due to the sophisticated layer system, that allows also for very defined and straight corners.
Waterproof Stucco - Pearl Grey Bathroom, Combinations
Combinations - Combined plasters in washing sink area.
Waterproof Stucco - Pearl Grey Bathroom, Waterproofing
Waterproofing - Waterproofing the connection of the wall plaster with the floor area is a very important detail that Raquel likes to take care of, to guarantee the proper functionality of the plaster.

Designing atmosphere

Artisan Stucco lime plasters are hand crafted from the best materials nature has to offer, achieving highly sophisticated finishes with bright natural colours and a wide variety of textures.

Our plasters are always designed in close cooperation with our clients to perfectly match the unique individual needs of your project.

Originally designed for the decoration of palaces and temples, your walls will radiate an unmatched atmosphere of craftsmanship, quality, luxury and tranquillity.

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