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Carmen de los Cipreses

Carmen de los Cipreses

The Carmen de los Cipreses is one of the most precious and oldest palaces in Albayzín and is declared a Site of Cultural Interest in the category of Monuments.

Built in 1780, its layout faithfully shows the typical form of Carmens of Granada; a main house on the highest point of the property and various gardens below forming terraces  following the slope of the terrain with an orchard located on the lowest point.

Renovated in 2006,  Raquel plastered the patio and rooms with a base plaster and a two layers fresco finish in green and beige. She was also responsible for the base plaster and the tiling with lime putty of the hand painted tile plinth. For the exterior of the building she design the floated plaster of the facade and the lime wash of the tower. 

Project type: Residential Restoration
Location: Alabayzín, Granada, Spain
Size: 350 m2

Restoration - Carmen de los Cipreses, Ochre lime wash
Ochre lime wash - View of the tower and the garden door. The tower was painted with lime wash. This picture, taken 14 after the work was completed, shows the resistance of the mineral colours to UV light and the durability of the lime paint.
Restoration - Carmen de los Cipreses,  Ochre lime wash and floated plaster
Ochre lime wash and floated plaster - View of the historical neighborhood of Albayzín, with the monumental house.
Restoration - Carmen de los Cipreses, The patio
The patio - Patio in the villa´s interior and the door leading to the garden. Two layer fresco stucco and tiles.
Restoration - Carmen de los Cipreses, Room
Room - Room in the interior of the villa. Two layer green fresco stucco.
Restoration - Carmen de los Cipreses, The patio
The patio - The patio of the villa with a two layer fresco stucco and the hand painted tiles.

Monuments & historical plasters

Artisan Stucco has extensive knowledge and experience restoring original plasters in historical monuments.

We are experienced with large scale restoration projects and have successfully completed large interventions in famous human heritage buildings.

We only use materials of the highest quality that are perfectly compatible and respectful to the original materials used in the historical building in terms of adherence, breathability and elasticity.

Facade in historical centre

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