Residential Custom made plasters

Facade in historical centre

Facade in historical centre

On this early 20th century appartment block in the historical centre of Granada we applied a two layer system fresco plaster with a customized colour, respecting the color palette regulations for facades in the historic center established by the city council.

Even though this plaster was finished in 2002, the picture is done in 2019, a good evidence of how good this plaster stands aging.

Project type: Residential Restoration
Location: Granada, Spain
Size: 80 m2

Residential - Facade in historical centre, Facade
Facade - Two layer fresco stucco

Custom made plasters

Artisan Stucco hydrated lime plasters are designed to be customized to exactly fit the technical and visual needs of your project.

The highly adaptable layer system of the plaster makes it possible to combine various technical mortars to fit a wide range of old and modern construction systems and situations.

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