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Meditation House

Meditation House

This little outhouse in a villa´s garden is constructed with straw bales.

To fill and straighten the rough surface of the compressed straw we applied a lime putty base plaster aditivated with recycled cork and straw. These additives do not only save material, decreasing the weight of the plaster considerably and add insulation, they also save labour by allowing the layers to be applied in double thickness without decreasing the resistance and durability of the plaster.

The base layer was covered with a floated hydrated lime plaster in Oxide Yellow.

Project type: Commercial
Location: Groet, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
Size: 80 m2

Commercial - Meditation House, Straw bale construction
Straw bale construction - First state of the project. Straw bales after having been sprayed with a thin layer of bridge mortar made of lime putty and sand.
Commercial - Meditation House, Mixing it up
Mixing it up - Raquel mixing the ingredients of the base plaster. Lime putty, recycled cork and silica sand.
Commercial - Meditation House, Base layer
Base layer - First layer of the base plaster
Commercial - Meditation House, Base layer
Base layer - Up to 5cm of plaster
Commercial - Meditation House, Oxide yellow
Oxide yellow - Now the base layer is ready and dry, Raquel prepares the finishing mortar which will be a floated lime plaster in bright Oxide Yellow, made with natural mineral pigments.
Commercial - Meditation House, Front facade
Front facade - Final result
Commercial - Meditation House, Detail
Detail - The round window
Commercial - Meditation House, Perspective
Perspective - The roundness of the construction in perspective.
Commercial - Meditation House, Detail
Detail - Lamp and copper rain pipe detail.
Commercial - Meditation House, Perspective
Perspective - The spectacular result.

Custom made plasters

Artisan Stucco hydrated lime plasters are designed to be customized to exactly fit the technical and visual needs of your project.

The highly adaptable layer system of the plaster makes it possible to combine various technical mortars to fit a wide range of old and modern construction systems and situations.

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